Vision disorders: dyslexia of the visual type – optodyslexia

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The term optodyslexia is not as popular among parents of small children as the term dyslexia. Electronic devices have become commonplace, and the number of patients with symptoms typical to the visual type of dyslexia have increased. Approximately 20% of elementary and high school students have “specific difficulties in studying”. In scientific terminology you will […]

Protection of your child’s eyes. Conjunctivitis.

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Summer doesn’t save us – it’s sweltering, and various particles float in the air, which may fall into our eyes. Despite the fact that the holiday light-heartedness is favorable for any kind of physical activity, we should not forget about basic care of our child’s eyes. Other than a varied diet rich in antioxidant ingredients […]

How to care for your child’s eyesight

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How to stimulate eyesight in a baby who’s a few months old? With infants, their sense of sight is unusually sensitive to any external stimuli, and it develops dynamically. Very young babies have a peripheral vision only – which means that they can only see things placed at the edges of their field of vision. […]

Eyesight development in children

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Dear parent, your role in your child’s eyesight development is huge! You can provide regular stimuli that will support the development of visual perception and help their sight to develop correctly. Up until the twelfth month of life, significant changes occur in the visual cortex, and this increases with even more intensity between the first […]


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  Spring is coming and everything around is waking up slowly upon its arrival. When preparing food for Easter, take seasonal vegetables into account (for example, pepper, carrot, broccoli and radishes) as well as fresh herbs such as basil, chives, parsley, rosemary and coriander. If you like experimenting – that’s great, as diversity of ingredients […]

IT IS OFFICIAL: CONTEST – “Paint the campaign #PingleNoszę”

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A well-known YouTuber – Cyber Marian is encouraging all of you to take part! If you are A GRAPHIC ARTIST, FREELANCER, A DRAUGHTSMAN (INTERACTIVE/ ADVERTISING AGENCIES MAY ALSO ENROLL) and you wish to take part in a great charity campaign – wait no more! Please submit your entries by 30th September! ———-–> Brief description of the contest: […]

Changes in the appearance of the eye, and vison disorders

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In order to enjoy healthy vision into our later years we need to take care of it and learn how to recognise any alarming signals sent by the eyes. Prompt action and fixing an appointment with an ophthalmologist are the best things to do when you feel anything is wrong with your eyes. Regular appointments […]

Vacation guidebook. How to take care of your children’s eyes and protect them from eye diseases?

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Vacations are a time to regenerate our systems and broaden our horizons but we might also encounter unexpected situations carrying health risks. Our sight is very vulnerable to injury. When a child is exposed to sunlight they should wear a cap or hat and sunglasses with UV filters! It is worth buying health insurance beforehand […]

Myopia – what causes myopia? Benefits of exposure to daylight.

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In the 21st century more and more children are experiencing problems with their sight – many more than 50 years ago. The myopia trend is most noticeable in East Asia – much of society in China and Korea suffers from myopia or has had their sight corrected. Why is this happening? Firstly – we are […]


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Find time to play with your children during Easter! It’s a perfect occasion to excite your child’s artistic talents and encourage them to play outdoors. Their sense of perception and hand–eye coordination will improve while doing various physical activities. At one time, as you’ll remember yourselves, no Easter went by without the fun of making […]