An orthoptic examination goes a stage further than standard oculist testing, dealing with aspects such as accommodation, convergence, eyeball movement, latent strabismus and spatial vision.reort

Our standard orthoptic examination includes:

Orthoptic and pleoptic therapy programs are carried out by our Foundation (including the treatment of vision deficiencies). In each case we implement an individual therapeutic program aimed at the development, improvement and restoration of selected eyesight functions of the patient.

The major objectives of such therapy are as follows:


With systematic exercises it is possible to improve eyesight and overall eye health. This significantly affects the quality of life and the child’s well-being and performance at school and at home.

It is possible to carry out orthoptic exercises at orthoptic centers and at home. The goal is to work out (recover) visual capabilities so that they become automatic.

During orthoptic therapy we approach each patient in an individual way, e.g. in the form of a personalized set of exercises taking into consideration the patient’s age and psychomotor skills. It is important to grade the difficulty of the exercises – from simple exercises to more complex ones.