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Dear all, we are a non-profit organisation and any form of support from your side is invaluable for us! We’ve been active for three years creating a better future for your children, helping them to see more. Our motto is: With us you will see more; we care about your eyesight!

Do you know how to support us? There are several ways:

guide, donation, foundation, eyesight, support, children

  1. 1. Direct donation (via bank transfer). More information can be found here: DONATE.
  2. 2. When you are shopping in an online store that’s part of the network, a part of the value of your purchases can be donated to the Foundation. How is this possible? See how simple it is:


  • —> Click here. You will see that our Foundation will be automatically selected as “supported”: In the upper right-hand corner of the browser you should see: Now you support the Sight for Tomorrow Foundation.



    • —> Register at (you can also use your Facebook account – by which it is possible to track the history of your donations).
    • You will be redirected to the online store.


—> There is also an BOOKMARK: SUPPORT US (on Facebook) The bookmark SUPPORT US on Facebook will also take you directly to a page where you can surf a chosen store. Enjoy your shopping!

Bargains and Discounts When you are shopping online use discount codes and support our organisation completely for free: In the search field type in the name of our Foundation (“Fundacja Zobaczyć Jutro”) and part of the value of your purchases will be donated by the shop to our organisation! Click here for special offers. 

3. Tax deductions for charitable donations. You can deduct donations of up to 6% of your annual income, while companies can deduct up to 10%. The one condition is that you have to have made a donation (one or more) to a charity in the past year. If the total value of your donations exceeds 6% of your income, you cannot deduct any more (the limit does not include the 1%).

What should you do in order to have your donation to the Sight for Tomorrow Foundation be deducted from your tax bill? To be eligible for the deduction you have to fill in the appropriate boxes in the PIT-0 form – to be more precise, boxes “B” and “D”. PIT/0 is used for tax allowances, as a deduction for donations. Annex PIT/0 is not an independent tax return; you have to file it with a printout of the PIT form! Alone, it has no effect on the annual declaration. If you include it in the printout of the PIT form you should also include the number of printouts attached. You will need the amount of the transferred donation and the data of the recipient (OUR DATA). You have to keep the proof of payment for five years – in case of an inspection from the tax office. ATTENTION! IMPORTANT! When processing your tax return (filing a PIT declaration) remember that the donation in no way interferes with the transfer of the 1% you donated. Both forms exist independently of each other.

4. In social media:

Through “like”, share and other reactions you can carry the good news further – thank you very much for your support! Tag your entries with hashtags in Polish or in English: #FundacjaZobaczycJutro (#TheSightforTomorrowFoundation), #Ortoptycznie (#Orthoptical), #DobreZakupy (#GoodShopping) #ManiaWspierania (#SupportMania), and then we will know that you are there!


#The SightForTomorrowFoundation celebrates its success on #Facebook! More than three million people have used the opportunity to generate advertisements and thus increase community involvement in the affairs of their organisations! #THANKYOU for reaching out and being active on our profile on Facebook. Quote from our video: “We are in the business of making children’s lives better! See more with us; we do care about your eyesight!” We want children to be able to fully enjoy life: With us you will see more; we do care about your eyesight!

Short film about our foundation:


4. If you have any ideas, please write to us:


THANK YOU FOR BEING WITH US FROM THE VERY BEGINNING! Thanks to your support, children from families that cannot afford the treatment are now able to benefit from our ophthalmic examinations and orthoptic rehabilitation.


Thanks to your support, children from families that cannot afford the treatment are now able to benefit from our ophthalmic examinations and orthoptic rehabilitation!

[In order to gather complete information about donations from income, we used the website of our partner]

Yours sincerely!