free-stock-photo-mother-mum-kid-girl-love-health-eyesight-prevention Symptoms of abnormal vision are often hard to detect, especially when the child does not know what would constitute an anomaly. After all, they cannot compare their experience with that of others and cannot tell us ”how they see”.

It is our responsibility to closely watch our children when they read, draw or write, because they can unconsciously for example rub their eyes, or tilt their body and head to one side.

Have you observed any of these behaviours (listed below) in your child? Check again when they perform these activities. If you notice any of them (more than five) we recommend carrying out a special vision test. The examination took place at the office of The Sight for Tomorrow Foundation near Arkadia Shopping Mall in Warsaw. Book your child in for a visit any time. We accept bookings throughout the year. CONTACT: 22 266 09 95

This is a sample list of typical behaviour observed when a child is writing, drawing or reading (including working on a computer) that might indicate problems with their eyes:
• Squinting, rubbing eyes
• Tilting the head or the whole body in one direction
• General reluctance towards reading, drawing or writing
• Turning pages in different directions
• Skipping individual letters while reading or writing
• Difficulty with reading small letters
• Difficulty writing straight when using lined paper
• Writing with gaps between letters in a word
• Complaints about headaches, eye ache
• Highlighting with the finger while reading
• Slowness and making mistakes when writing
• Difficulty in distinguishing colours
• ”Eating” letters in a word, frequent adjustment or jumping to text located above or below the line
• Frequently tripping over things, imbalance, ignoring objects, missing the target in ball games, or other behaviour indicating problems with spatial orientation
• A low level of visual concentration
• Low tolerance to harsh or strip lighting
• Avoiding games and activities with smaller balls or darts
• If the child signals that they see different contrasts between letters

The Dearest Parents,

Did you know that amblyopia is the reduction of visual activity in one or both eyes? It’s caused by:

– Functional amblyopia (the construction of the eye is normal but functionally the eye is not working properly),
– Organic amblyopia (in the case of damage to the structure of the eyeball or the visual pathway)

We truly recommend OPHTHALMOLOGICAL TESTING,SPECIAL VISION TEST and SCREENING EXAMINATION and ORTHOPTIC DIAGNOSIS and THERAPY for kids , because Foundation staff includes doctors working in the ophthalmologic clinic at The Children’s Health in Warsaw.

In order to make an appointment with our foundation’s dotcors at our Child’s Eye Center, please call: 22 266 09 95, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. 022 266 09 95 or write an e-mail via